March 2020 development log

POSTED ON: 2019-03-18

Hey you all, welcome to the development log of March 2020. We decided to change the way we do these development logs. Instead of showing small snippets we decided to do one blog post each month, and give more context to the things we are working on.

Ripotai Square

We gave our first 1vs1 and 2vs2 dueling map a bit more personality. The electrical fence prevents you from leaving the pit. The only way you will survive in this map is by defeating your enemy.

Ripotai Square

The artistic direction

We decided to go for a more stylized and low poly art direction. A tricky aspect of asset creation is that assets need to look coherent with the other assets. If some assets look slightly more realistic than other assets, they will start to look out of place. We had to make a choice of what art direction we wanted to settle on. The choice was between a realistic or a stylized art direction. Even within those directions there is a lot of variety.

We decided to settle for a stylized art direction. The character has slightly more details than the low poly environment. We did this because we wanted the character to stand out from the environment, and create an environment that is not very distracting.

Main menu

The main menu map now also features a low poly art style. Your character is fully customizable. Once you join a lobby you will be able to see the characters of the other lobby members.

Main menu

Character customization

We have started working on the customization system. We don't want the game to be pay to win. And we want the game to be free-to-play. So instead we chose to go for cosmetics.

As of now, it is possible to customize your character by changing equipment and gender. In future updates, we want to allow for much more customization. We want you to be able to change your facial structure, skin color, hairstyle, beard style and much more.

By the way, follow us on YouTube. We need to reach one hundred subscribers to get a custom channel url.

Item shop

Of course, we also need an item shop where players can buy customizations. So we created a very basic shop system.

Main menu

Pretty much everything in the main menu is working now. So now we can focus on our character again. To allow players to have customizations the character is made out of multiple meshes. We are slowly moving systems we made for our initial character over to work with this new character. Also, we want to improve the animations of this new character.

👍 Do you want to help us?

We need to get people excited for the next generation of third-person shooters. We need your help to spread the word. If you know people that might be interested in Duel please reach out to them.

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